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SW South Brisbane

Categories: Townhousing

The multi award winning project sits within the Southbank Corporation SW1 mixed development precinct at Southbank. An extensive and delicate blend of value management and cutting edge design make these four unique multi residential buildings a land mark project. With underground car parking, the dual courtyard villa format siting on a ground level podium allows for the site to be pedestrian dominant with cross site links connecting the residents with shops, cafes and offices.

The architecture is sculpted by the need for privacy from adjacent sites, and the clever screening and building fabric have made this project an exciting part of a streetscape dominated by much larger scale buildings. The narrow format plan is highly successful due to the intense landscaping beyond the front and rear ground level courtyards, belying the tight site with foliaged vistas beyond the villa boundaries. The leafy dappled light from these outdoor spaces defies the inner city location and extensive screened glazing heightens the spatial interpenetration between indoor and out.